Stretched Canvas, large grain, oil emulsive prime, linen ROSA

Stretched Canvas, large grain, oil emulsive prime, linen ROSA

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ROSA Hand Primed Linen Stretched Canvases are prepared for professional artists with pure linen, stretched in a gallery way on a finger-joint pine stretchers. The advantages of linen canvases are their durability and resistance to deformation. The linen canvases are famous for their unique woven surface, which gives paintings dynamic “alive” effect. They also hold thick paint layers better. Large and medium grains help to highlight the relief of painting; these canvases are used for large paintings, landscapes, impasto and painting with a palette knife. Fine-grained canvases are the best choice for classic fine art - portraits and still lives. ROSA linen canvases are available in three kinds of grain texture with the finished weight from 300 to 2 750 g/m . This allows the artists to choose the best canvas due to the genre of a painting they have in mind. ROSA stretched canvases are prepared with either an oil-emulsion primer of white colour or an acrylic primer of traditional white or black colours. Prior to priming, durable and elastic three-layer sizing is applied to canvases in order to prevent paint from penetrating to the back side. Two kinds of primers give artists the choice to work either traditionally with oil paints on oil emulsion ground or to enjoy the advantages of acrylic primer, which is a suitable surface for both oil and acrylic paints. ROSA stretcher bars are made of well-dried finger-joint pine that holds the shape well and are resistant’s to deformation in the length of time. In case the canvas loses it’s tension due to the changes in temperature or humidity, modular stretchers can be fastened with wedges.

Stretcher bars are available in three sizes: 15x35mm, 18x40mm, 22x55mm. We use a definite stretcher bar size according to the size of a canvas stretcher following the world standards. ROSA Hand Primed Linen Stretched Canvas sizes range from 18x18 cm to 200x300 cm, with the interval of 5 cm. Customized sizes are also possible. canvas: pure linen sizing: three-layered primer: - acrylic four-layered - oil-emulsive four-layered stretcher bars: finger-joint pine (15x35mm, 18х40mm, 22х55mm) packing: each item is packed into the shrinkable transparent film.

The structure of articles:  type of canvas in black

 size of canvas in red Colours of primer available: White Black

Data sheet
Brand ROSA
Canvas Linen
Grain texture Large grain
Prime Oil emulsive prime
Density 750g/m²
Type of tension of the canvas Gallery
Soil color White