Stretched canvas Italian cotton (lateral stretch) fine grain Unico

Stretched canvas Italian cotton (lateral stretch) fine grain Unico

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Key properties:
• Italian cotton
• Fine grain, 335 g/m²
• Acrylic primer
• Modular stretcher
• Gallery stretching


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Unico primed stretched canvases made of Italian cotton is distinguished by a smooth surface and peculiarly white ground colour.
• Italian cotton
• extra fine grain, 335 g/m²
• acrylic primer
• modular stretcher
• gallery stretching
Unico primed stretched canvases is designed for acrylic, oil and other types of paints.
• Extra fine grain canvas (335 g/m²) is suitable for painting with a brush and palette knife
• Acrylic primer preventing penetration of paint on the reverse side of the canvas
• Tinted backside gives the canvas aesthetic sophistication and makes it look like linen
• Modular stretcher allows to increase canvas tensioning if necessary
• Gallery stretching gives the opportunity to avoid engaged frame and paint on the end face of the stretcher

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Stretched canvas Italian cotton (lateral stretch) fine grain Unico  THE CLOTH IS IN A ROLL OF ITALIAN UNICO COTTON MEDIUM GRAIN

Data sheet
Brand Unico by ROSA
Еxpiration date No expiry date
Frost resistance Frost-resistant product
Canvas Сotton
Grain texture Fine grain
Prime Acrylic prime
Density 335 g/m²
Type of tension of the canvas Lateral
Soil color White