New! Dots-card for 60 colours of ROSA Gallery watercolours.

New! Dots-card for 60 colours of ROSA Gallery watercolours.

Now you can purchase a 60-colour Dots card - a full palette of ROSA Gallery watercolours. Dots-cards are dried drops of watercolour paint placed on the paper. It's easy to wash them with the help of water and a brush, which allows you to test paints and choose desired colours.

The paint on the ROSA Gallery Dots-card is quite enough for one or even several works, which allows you to fully appreciate all the characteristics of watercolours, to form an impression of its properties and advantages.

ROSA Gallery dots card is:
- Ability to test the entire palette of watercolours and choose the right colour
- Extra large dots of paint - enough for a few sketches
- Your personal swatches of all colours

There is also an opportunity to purchase a dot card for 10 colours of watercolours, which was on sale at the beginning of 2021. It's a good solution to test new products and the quality of watercolours, for those who haven't tried them yet.

• Paper size, 60 colours - A4; 10 new colours from January 2021, 5x21 cm
• Density of paper - 300 g/m2;

Use ROSA Gallery Watercolour Dots Cards and pick your favourite colours!

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