Strongly associated with fine art itself, an easel is an essential part of any art studio interior design. Year by year manufacturers are improving their design, construction and the quality of materials, as well as extend their functionality. To make our easels, we took into account all the demands and preferences of our customers – professional artists, students, and pupils.

    Apart from traditional well-known features, our easels possess a number of excellent advantages: special design, an improved durable slider, large bars, and a magnetic clamp for paper . Easels designed and made by ROSA are of different kinds – studio easels and tabletop easels for work and expositions.

    Key properties:

    •  Environmentally friendly materials
    •  Large bar sizes offer strong and sturdy base
    •  Easel attachment devices give more opportunities in the process of painting
    •  All items are individually-packed to ensure safe transporting


    Sketch-boards are essential for watercolour technique, graphic design and drawing. Thanks to their compact sizes and light weight, sketch-boards are the best choice for plein air painting. ROSA offers both classical and modernized sketch-boards. Our classical sketch-boards are made from either plywood or fiberboard and are fixed to pine frames. We offer uniquely designed MDF sketch-boards of special sizes and shapes. ROSA sketch-boards feature pencil and brush holders, as well as magnetic paper clamp to give more convenience to the artist. Thanks to the mode of paper attachment, a few paper formats can be used easily on the same sketch-board . We also offer MDF sketch-boards with an adjustable shoulder belt to provide additional convenience during open air painting.

    • Flatbed fiberboard (from 20x30cm to 60x80cm)
    • Tablet with waterproof plywood (from 20x30cm to 60x80cm)
    • Plates made of MDF (A2, A3, A4)


    Case - is a classic accessory for artists to store and transport brushes, pencils, paints, markers, charcoal and other art materials. The lid moves along the pencil case and closes tightly, which ensures the safety of the artist's tools.


    In the range of ROSA art materials you can find basic wooden products, essential for the work of both professional artists and beginners. Such tools facilitate the painting process and make it more comfortable.  

    The range of wooden easels includes easels for children, beginners and professional artists, studio easels for painting and expositions, as well as stylish and functional tabletop easels for kids.   

    Sketch-boards, boxes for art materials and palettes are indispensible for graphic design, drawing and painting. They are made of pine, plywood, fiberboard, and MDF. Classical designs are functionally advanced through original non-standard solutions.

  • BAGS

    Bags for papers are designed for convenient, safe transportation and storage of drawings, sketches, paintings, blueprints, tablets, large and small papers.



    1. Fabric features;
    • special impregnation - a guarantee that your clothes will not get dirty during work, the paint will not go to the back;
    • no shrinkage - the apron will not change size after washing;
    • wear resistance - a guarantee of long-term use.

    2. The neck strap has a length adjustment, which makes the size of the apron universal;
    3. A large pocket, divided into three compartments, will allow you to keep the necessary tools at hand.

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Showing 1 - 12 of 16 items