ROSA production started in 1998 with the priming of canvases. 

For priming, we use only pure linen and cotton fabrics. Prime production is carried out with the use of high-quality materials and specialized equipment. Oil emulsion prime is made following the ancient formulas, while acrylic prime is produced on the basis of modern formulas.  Hand priming allows us to control the quality of the product at each stage and up-to-date technology is fundamental for the quick and efficient production of homogeneous quality emulsions. 

A wide range of ROSA hand-primed canvases meets needs of the most demanding artists. We offer a broad range of hand-primed canvas rolls and modular stretchers to those who want to create their own masterpiece, starting from stretching the canvas on a stretcher and up to framing the painting.

For those artists who are limited in time and appreciate a ready-made product we offer many types and sizes of canvases on a stretcher, including customized sizes if required. For the beginners as well as those who want to implement their design solutions we offer a wide range of alternative hand-primed grounds: cardboard, fiberboard, canvas panels of square, round and oval shape.

Bases for painting hand-made first coats, made according to ancient recipes