Victor Sydorenko  -  is a renowned Ukrainian painter, curator, professor, author of art objects and photo compositions, as well as scholarly and popular texts. He was born in 1953 in Kazakhstan. He graduated from the Kharkiv Institute of Arts and Design (now the Kharkiv State Academy of Design and Arts) in 1979.  In 2001, Sydorenko founded and headed the Modern Art Research Institute of the Academy of Arts of Ukraine with the goal of comprehensive research in all areas of contemporary art.  

Victor Sydorenko is one of the most prominent figures in contemporary Ukrainian art.

An artist has a deep knowledge of the state and problems of modern world sculptural culture, an analytical approach to the realization of significant themes of history and the present, keen observation and unbridled compositional imagination, and great productivity. Impeccably possessing the line, and the ability to build form, colour, the master tirelessly experiments, searching for the latest trends in the art of the new millennium.

іктор Victor Sydorenko has been repeatedly awarded with prestigious awards; including international ones. The works by V. Sydorenko are in the National Art Museum of Ukraine, the Museum of Contemporary Art KIASMA (Helsinki, Finland), in the collection of the Yale University in the USA, in the collections of art museums and in private collections in other countries of the world.


"In my works photographs, drawings, sketches, and videos become parts of a single project that lasts through time and eventually produces my Character — a person undergoing painful changes of his consciousness. It is about the eternal drama of time that manipulates particular human fates, turning a person into an ideological project.” V.Sydorenko




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Viktor Sydorenko's deep red is an exquisite and complex dark red colour. The unique combination of the cold shade of madder lake and warm iron oxide makes the colour unlimited variable. At the same time, the active and complex Deep Red retains its exceptionality both when mixed with white and in mass.

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"The aestheticization of canvas space and texture games with the image are characteristic of Viktor Sydorenko. This is especially evident in the deliberate aestheticizing of texture craquelure, which creates the effect of sacralizing canvas space, in the colour range of frescoes, and in the reception of themes and topics characteristic of the 20th century as symbols of time (the projects Cytochronisms, Amnesia, Ritual Dances). The artist works not only with the media of painting or object, but synthesizes spatial relations and life values. In other words, thinking in spatial categories, and not just perceiving the exhibited objects with the senses, is the characteristic feature of modern art." Lesya Smyrna






“The Levitation project is about getting rid of the fetters of terrestrial gravity, about sense of zero-gravity and flying. It is the final version of the metaphor of freedom. Levitation brings associations with spirit flying high, it liberates the viewer though dreams and spiritual practices. And this happens not on a physical level; these half-dressed figures in symbolic space are men in general, “men in time”. Victor Sydorenko



"The person in cargo pants is a person from the twentieth century, in which everyone wore cargo pants - soldiers, prisoners, civilians; it is a sign of equality, common fate - a whole generation of totalitarian society. Undergarments are the last limit which separates a person from society, so a person in undergarments is an object of memory and transformations that does not stay within the boundaries of post-totalitarian discourse but enters into a larger context, broaching the subject of individuality and mass consciousness." Viktor Sydorenko




"Leading his hero through the valley of psychological experiments, irrational processes, and metamorphoses, the artist continues the exhausting preparation of his hero to the event that never seems to happen—an inevitable encounter with his own self. This exhibition is about the now-forgotten humanity, the art of communication, and the ability to perceive the world and others with an open mind." Andrew Siguntsov




More information about Victor Sydorenko, his career, all the artist's projects can be found on the artist's website:


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