New: Mosaic panel from ROSA TALENT

New: Mosaic panel from ROSA TALENT

Exclusive blanks for decorating that will win your heart at first sight! Mosaic panels from ROSA TALENT are new stylish blanks for decorating that will brighten up the modern interior or make the classic style special. Christmas holidays are just around the corner, so think of the original gift for a creative person!

Each panel consists of a fiberboard base, a frame, and geometric elements made of MDF, which are easy and simple to colour and piece together because the outlines are drawn on the base of the blank.

Creating a panel is an interesting and exciting process even for a child, as a stage of making a mosaic on the applied outlines, and the process of decorating each piece in the selected colour. Ready mosaic forms a wonderful play of colours in a minimalist stylish panel.

We would like to bring to your attention the first designs of a panel mosaic from ROSA TALENT:
Romantic motifs: Butterflies, Unicorns, Dragonflies - popular themes with 2 or 3 motifs. Create entire collections on the wall, emphasize and add originality to the decor of the bedroom, living room, children's room, and corridor.
Delicious and juicy motifs: Pineapple, Apple, Pear can be painted in one colour and combined on the wall as a diptych or triptych, or used separately - it will be equally spectacular. A great solution to brighten up the interior of the kitchen, living room, or other room.

To decorate the mosaic panel blank, prepare or purchase the necessary materials and tools in advance: paint, PVA glue, brush, or sponge. Choose the colours of decor and paint for colouring the panel, taking into account the colour scheme of the interior of the room. If you need tips, use the colour combinations offered by ROSA designers. For each motif, we have prepared recommendations for colour combination from the acrylic palette for ROSA TALENT decor. If you don't have any paint at home, or the desired colour has run out, use our tips and buy the shades you need.

Experiment with colours and decor! The panel can be decorated in one technique or combining different materials: acrylic or gouache paint, markers, decoupage, craquelure, paper, texture pastes, decorative sequins -- so it will be even more interesting. To protect the panel from dust and mechanical damage, we recommend covering the finished work with varnish for acrylic painting.

New mosaic panel blanks from ROSA TALENT are:
• Exclusive blank for panels with a stylish design;
• Mosaic, art therapy, and interior element - all in one box;
• An original gift for a creative person;

Mosaic panel:
• It is easy to make the mosaic using the outlines on the base of the blank;
• Each piece can be coloured separately;
• Designs in one collection allow you to place them side by side and combine them into a single theme;
• Smooth MDF material is easy to decorate;
• Thickness of the finished three-dimensional panel is 9 mm;
• There are holes in the backside of the base for placing mosaic panels on the wall.

The types of panels are suitable for the interiors of a study, a children's room, a kitchen, a living room, a school classroom, and even a beauty salon. Collectible designs allow you to place them side by side and combine them in one theme or colour scheme.

Decorating and making a panel mosaic is a wonderful activity, a kind of art therapy for people of any age: from 3+ to 99, which develops spatial imagination, fantasy, logical thinking, and patience. And there is no better gift for a creative person!

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