New holders for brushes ROSA Gallery

New holders for brushes ROSA Gallery

New designs, new colours of improved ROSA Gallery holders are already available to order!
Holders are a reliable solution and a stylish accessory for storing and carrying brushes. They are convenient for the arrangement of all needed artist's tools: brushes, pencils, liners, markers.

We present two new designs of large holders:
• Holders without coloгed pop-up flaps: gray melange and black. The holder is ideal for carrying and storing brushes with long handles and other art accessories. With the help of a button and a hook and loop closure, the holder can be easily transformed into a stand for the brushes, just secure the folded holder and work comfortably.
• Holders with one coloгed pop-up flap: gray and blue melange.
A pop-up flap is sewn in on one of the inner sides of the holder, which is transformed into a brush organizer stand with the help of Velcro.

ROSA Gallery brush holder cases are made of durable synthetic fabric, which ensures their durability and convenience during the work. Brushes are securely fixed inside the brush holder, thanks to individual loops. The hard-cover holds the shape of the brush holder when carrying and protects the brushes.

New characteristics of holders from ROSA Gallery:
• New colours of holders;
• Eco-leather label;
• Range of holders designs;
• Durable Oxford 600 fabric and textured Melange;
• Made in Ukraine

Basic characteristics:
• Hard-cover is a reliable fixation of the brushes inside ensures the protection of the brushes.
• Pop-up flaps inside the pencil case serve as an organizer stand during work;
• Zipper and high-quality loops securely fix the brush inside.
• Size - 30.5 * 38 cm;
• 15 slots.

ROSA Gallery brush holder is a necessary accessory for professional artists, students, and art school learners. Just choose the needed size that fits the length of your brushes.

* Expect even more colours and new designs of ROSA Gallery holders soon.


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