New: Acrylic art sizing from ROSA Studio

New: Acrylic art sizing from ROSA Studio

Introduce you a new product - Acrylic art sizing from ROSA Studio!

The sizing is presented in three volumes: 280, 500, 1000 ml. The product is created for artists who prefer to independently create the foundations for painting, and students who study the processes of priming the canvas and making subframes.

ROSA Studio acrylic sizing is intended to apply before priming the bases for painting: canvases, wood, stone, and fiberboard. It fills the gaps between fibers of the fabric, penetrates the upper layers of the base, binds them, and prevents the gesso from seeping through to the backside.

After drying, the sizing forms a strong, transparent, elastic layer that does not yellow and does not crack over time, and does not dissolve with water. It has excellent adhesion with acrylic primer, due to the same nature of the origin of the components.

Key properties:
• Creates a protective layer on the front side of the canvas, fills the gaps between the fibers
• Preserves fabric texture
• Homogeneous and viscous, does not leak on the reverse side (when applied without pressure)
• Elastic - ensures the absence of cracks when stretching
• It has high adhesion
• White in mass, colourless after drying
• Resistant to aging and moisture, parasites and fungus
• Does not turn yellow over time

Features of using:
Before work, thoroughly mix the sizing (do not dilute with water). Apply it in a thin, even layer with a wide brush or palette knife. When applying excess, do not press on the canvas to prevent bleeding of the sizing to the back side. If necessary, apply the second and subsequent layers after complete drying of the previous one.

Working tools are easily washed with water immediately after use.

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