Pouring medium ROSA Talent in size 250 ml

Pouring medium ROSA Talent in size 250 ml

From now on, pouring medium from ROSA Talent is also available in 250 ml!
Such volume is a great option for decorators who choose a medium for one specific work, or for beginners who want to get acquainted with the magical technique of fluid art for the first time.

Now you can choose one of three sizes for different creative purposes: 250 ml, 500 ml, and 1000 ml.

The Fluid Art technique allows you to get unique combinations of colours and patterns on a variety of flat hard surfaces: wood, canvas, stone, and others.Create panels, paintings, clocks, or decorative stands for plates using modern technology.

Pouring medium ROSA Talent ensures the perfect fluidity of acrylic paints and prevents them from mixing with each other to create incredible combinations of colours in Fluid Art technique.

The medium reduces the density of acrylic paint, thanks to which the paint can flow over the base of the painting. It is easily mixed with acrylic paint to a uniform consistency, which allows the artist to control the process of diluting the paint and obtain a uniform colour. Choose a palette and the number of colours to work according to your taste and interior.

The medium is made of high-quality acrylic dispersions, becomes transparent after drying and does not change the tone of the paint. Improves adhesion of paints to the canvas. The mixture of medium and paint forms a strong layer of colour.

Main properties:
• Does not change the colour of the paint;
• Different colours of paint do not mix with each other when flowing;
• Combines with any acrylic paints;
• Combines well with liquid silicone;
• Does not turn yellow over time.

Fluid Art is a special style in modern art that does not have specific plots. It is not necessary to be an artist to work with this technique. Everyone can create an amazing cosmic picture that will be a reflection of their inner world. The process of creating such work is a kind of meditation that fascinates, relaxes, calms, and gives an incredible result.


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