Bases for decoratoin ROSA Talent for Valentine's Day

Bases for decoratoin ROSA Talent  for Valentine's Day

Getting ready for Valentine's Day with ROSA Talent!

New blanks in the "Love" series will add a romantic mood to products for Valentine's Day, weddings, proposals, and other joyful events!

Fresh and interesting motifs perfectly complement the existing collections for Valentine's Day.

Fiberboard and MDF blanks:
Classic blanks for decoration “Hearts” and cute bears are always in demand; they are used as themed hangers and are great for decorating festive rooms and photo zones.
3D blanks on a stand will beautifully decorate a festive table or the interior of a home or office.

Sets of felt blankі:
• Heart-shaped music notes and treble clefs will add a romantic melody to shopping bags or cloth napkins. These delicate, pleasant-to-the-touch decorative elements attached to clothes will be relevant throughout the year.
• Sets of hearts that are indispensable for holidays and everyday life: openwork black and red and classic in two colours to choose from are suitable for creating pendants, and brooches, for decorating pillowcases, clothes, or accessories.

New bases for decoration ROSA Talent perfectly match the existing Wedding series, as they have identical patterns. This is an opportunity to complement and expand the “Wedding” series with additional elements.

Texture pastes, stencils with romantic motifs, sparkles, rich red or delicate pastel colours of acrylic paints will turn the base of decoration into a work of art. It is only necessary to let your imagination run free and enjoy the creative process

More beauty and romance with ROSA Talent!


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