Bright novelty materials for kids creativity

Bright novelty materials for kids creativity

We present funny cat adventures for little artists and their never-ending ideas :)

Meet the mega novelty from ROSA! Bright and safe materials for children's creativity ROSA Kids - watercoloгrs, gouache paints, and plasticine!

These are the first special ROSA materials for children 3-6 years old, which will:
• open a fascinating world of artistic and decorative creativity;
• help to master the basics of drawing and modeling;
• help to identify shapes and textures;
• teach you how to mix colours;
• help to express your thoughts and feelings through art.

ROSA Kids is a great choice for a child's home creativity, ideal for kindergarten and school!

The designs of the entire children's series are united by the interesting adventures of cats, created specifically for the ROSA brand by Ukrainian illustrator Victoria Iver. The design of each set is unique and has its own interesting story about furry pets. Little artists will plunge into interesting adventures with their favorite characters, fantasize a lot, create new stories, and later draw their favorite heroes.

ROSA Kids watercolours

Children's watercolours are produced of high-quality pigments and on a natural plant base. Bright, pure colours mix perfectly together, are easily diluted with water to rich colour, and spread evenly on paper and cardboard without grains or bubbles. The wide palette in the sets has the main basic and additional colours: flesh tone, gray, turquoise, magenta, light purple, lemon, peach, light brown, pink, and ocher.

With ROSA Kids watercolour paints, it is easy for a child to learn the colours of the spectrum and explore the process of mixing paints.

Choose a set to your taste:
Versatile designs in sets of 12 and 24 colours:
- with a brush
- without a brush

Designs for boys in 12- and 24-colour sets;
Designs for girls in 12- and 24-colour sets.

The unusual, interesting shape of the case for pans will pleasantly surprise and delight your child, and inspire new creative ideas. The bright and comfortable brush has a pointed tip, so it will help your child to apply fine lines easily and draw small details. It can be used for both watercolour and gouache paints.

Main properties of ROSA Kids watercolour paints:
• Bright and pure colours;
• Produced on a natural plant basis;
• They mix perfectly with each other and are easily diluted with water;
• A large palette of basic and additional colours;
• Unusual, interesting shape of the case for pans;
• Stylish design that is unique in different sets;
• Different designs for boys and girls;
• Safe and certified.

A set with a bright, stylish label with creative cute characters will make your little artist fall in love at first sight!

ROSA Kids gouache paints

ROSA Kids gouache paints are produced on a plant basis, which makes them safe for children's creativity. These are bright, clean, saturated colours that, after drying, form a matte velvety texture, but still keep the drawing just as vibrant. Gouache provides excellent coverage and has a creamy uniform consistency, so it spreads evenly on paper and cardboard. Even if the jar is opened for a long time and the paint thickens, its consistency can be quickly restored by adding water. A table, brushes, and small hands can be easily washed.
The colour range of the set is selected to provide the young artist with the basic and necessary intermediate colours. The colours mix well with each other, creating the expected colours and shades.

The range includes 4 sets of ROSA Kids gouache in different colours:
6, 9, 12, 24

Gouache sets are made in a stylish cat design, which differs in the sets by a different number of colours. An additional bonus is a colouring book inside each set, which will motivate the child to draw immediately after unpacking the paints. Each jar of gouache has a sticker on the lid with the name of the colour, which makes it easy to navigate the palette, quickly select the desired colour, and learn new colour names.

Main properties of ROSA Kids gouache paints:
• Bright, rich colours;
• Great covering power;
• Creamy, uniform consistency;
• Can be easily diluted with water;
• Colouring book in each set;
• Stickers on the lid of the jar with the colour name;
• Stylish design that is unique in different sets;
• Safe and certified.

Gouache painting develops a child's creative abilities, colour perception, imagination and perseverance. While painting, the child learns colours and explores the process of mixing and creating new interesting shades.

ROSA Kids Plasticine

Plasticine is made on a natural basis, which makes it safe for delicate children's hands. It warms up quickly, does not stick to the hands. The convenient shape of the bar allows you to break it off easily, cut it with a stack, and pinch off small pieces, so working with it is a pleasure for a child. Plasticine is soft, but at the same time perfectly holds the shape that was given to it.
Bright, clean colours blend perfectly with each other and form the correct expected shades.
The set comes with a bright and convenient ergonomically shaped stack. The cutting part is moderately sharp for cutting and will not injure the hands; the thin rounded tip will help in forming small parts, creating recesses or holes.

Choose a set of plasticine with a different number of colours:
6, 12 and 18

Plasticine bars are placed in a polymer blister packaging with separate cells, which prevents touching, connecting the bars, and mixing colours. A separate place for the stack ensures its cleanliness and convenient storage.

The main properties of ROSA Kids plasticine:
• Bright, clean colours;
• Easy to knead, does not stick to the hands;
• Holds its shape well after modeling;
• The convenient shape of the bar allows you to break it off easily, cut it with a stack;
• The ergonomically shaped stack makes it easy to use;
• Stylish design that is unique in different sets;
• Safe and certified.

A series of materials for children's creativity from ROSA Kids is the first step towards revealing a child's creative talents, motivation and interest. The child's love for creativity in the future will depend on how convenient, and comfortable the process is, on the quality and interest of the first materials. Therefore, the ROSA team did everything possible to make the first creative journey of our little artists exciting, interesting and inspiring!

Go on adventures with the ROSA Kids cat landing party - draw, sculpt, play, and develop!

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