„My Little Kitty“, standard kit, painting by numbers, 35х45cm, ROSA START

„My Little Kitty“, standard kit, painting by numbers, 35х45cm, ROSA START


New product

Sеt includes:
 Canvas on a subframe 35x45 cm with a contour and numbering
 High-quality synthetic brush ROSA Studio
 Picture scheme
 Set of acrylic paints
 Color image of the picture


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Becoming a true artist is easy thanks to Sets for creativity ROSA START!!!

The process of creating a picture is extremely breathtaking and easy at the same time, because you need to draw a numbered pattern. The contours of the painting are applied on the canvas, the areas are divided into separate segments with numbers, which corresponds to the number on the jar with paint. Gradually coloring them, you get a ready picture!

Together with the paintings by numbers ROSA START, everyone, regardless of age, will be able to independently paint the paintings and gradually discover the artist's talent.

That's why the first thing to look out for when choosing a painting by numbers is the level of difficulty. Pictures by numbers ROSA START have three levels of difficulty, which can be determined by the corresponding mark on the label and the color of the label itself:

1. The yellow and green color corresponds to the 1st level of difficulty - this painting consists of large elements and does not contain small details, and therefore is suitable for beginners and those who are just familiar with painting.

2. The color blue corresponds to the 2nd level of difficulty - in these paintings, along with large ones, there are medium and a little bit counts of small elements.

3. Red color corresponds to the III-th level of difficulty - this picture contains a large number of small details, suitable for those who already have certain skills in this technique.

Set's made and staffed in Ukraine. Under the close attention of specialists, he goes through all life cycles to get into your hands.

Sets for creativity ROSA START - a great gift for children from 7 years old, men and women of all ages.

Create your own masterpieces along with Sets for creativity ROSA START!!!

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Data sheet
Type of packaging Shrink film
Еxpiration date 2 years
Frost resistance above +5
Size/Format 35х45 cm
Themes Teenage
Age From 7 years
Gender Female