Squirrel Round Brush 211 Short Handle ROSA Studio

Squirrel Round Brush 211 Short Handle ROSA Studio

New product

Key properties:
• Elastic and springy bristle
• The standard brush head
• Short handle
• Shape: round

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Now all numbers of ROSA Studio squirrel hair brushes with short-handle are available, from 0 to 12.

The standard head of the brush ensures easiness and habitualness in work and the perfect sharp tip allows you to work out the smallest details with almost any brush size.

Don't be limited by the size: larger brush sizes are great for fillings, drawing objects, creating textured strokes with a dry brush.

Squirrel hair brushes from ROSA Studio are used to work with liquid paints, such as watercolours, gouache, faience and porcelain painting, and much more.

Additional materials for viewing:

Data sheet
Brand ROSA Studio
Packaging Single
Handle length Short
Brush hair shape Round
Hair type Natural
Hair type Squirrel