Complete art set for acrylic painting ROSA Studio

Complete art set for acrylic painting ROSA Studio

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Key properties:
• For  acrylic painting
• The best possible selection of supplies for introduction to watercolour technique
• Great gift option


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Complete art sets are the perfect selection of supplies for a beginner and a good gift for a beginning artist.
The set contains all the necessary basic supplies in these techniques, which makes it possible to use them right away.

Complete art set for acrylic painting ROSA Studio:
 A set of acrylic paints ROSA Studio 12 colours, 20 ml - the optimal number of primary colours to create a complete finished work.
Convenient tabletop easel-board ROSA Studio is ideal for painting and displaying artwork. Compact design, easy to fold, suitable for small work sizes.
Four synthetic paintbrushes ROSA Studio, versatile for different painting techniques. Round brush on a short handle, and the flat one, will help you to create strokes of different shapes and sizes.
• The classic oval-shaped palette of ROSA Studio has an optimal area for creating and working with several paint mixtures at the same time.
Stretched canvas size 30 * 40 cm, cotton ROSA Studio is a perfect format to start working in the technology.
• Thick cardboard packaging box can be used later for storing materials.

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Data sheet
Brand ROSA Studio
Type of colours Acrylic colour
Packaging Set
Type of packaging Сardboard box
Effect Classic colors
Frost resistance above 0
Painting technique ACRYLICS
Consistence Dense