Adhesive Stencil „Ukraine“ 13x20 cm ROSA Talent

Adhesive Stencil „Ukraine“ 13x20 cm ROSA Talent

New product

Key properties:
• 18 new motifs of the patriotic series;
• Reusable strong adhesive layer;
• The stencil fits snugly to the surface, keeps the pattern from paint bleeding;
• For decorating various types of surfaces.

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Patriotic collection of stencils from ROSA Talent! With their help, you can decorate a T-shirt, eco bag, jeans or sweatshirt and express your position and tell the world: "I am Ukrainian and I am proud of it!"

Inscriptions. Popular Ukrainian inscriptions and slogans in different fonts will allow you to create a patriotic inscription on an item easily, quickly, and of high quality. "Good evening! We are from Ukraine!" - a world-famous phrase will now adorn your T-shirt or sweatshirt.

Elements. Cossack with a sword, sunflower, dove of peace, and trident in several versions - the main Ukrainian symbols that will give the product a patriotic mood. We are sure that this clothing will be special for everyone and will be worn with pride for many years.

ROSA Talent reusable self-adhesive stencils are great material to decorate effortlessly and fast various types of surfaces with repeatable patterns, background or separate elements. ROSA Talent stencils help both professionals and beginners to create completed patterns or separate elements with clear lines as well as to design repeatable patterns.

ROSA Talent stencils are used to decorate any type of relatively smooth surfaces: fabric, wood, metal, paper, cardboard, primed painting surfaces. Being elastic and soft, they make it possible to decorate round objects and vertical surfaces. Due to the adhesive of high quality.

ROSA Talent stencils stick well to the surface and also prevent paint bleeding leaving no glue traces. A decorated surface must be absolutely dry. If given proper care, washed well immediately after use and dried, these stencils can be reused dozens of times.

ROSA Talent self-adhesive stencils are perfect material for decorators, and scrapbookers. They are of great help for students and pupils, as well as for decorating with kids.

Key properties:
• Elasticity. Vertical surfaces and round objects can be decorated.
• High quality adhesive. Stencils stick well to the surface and no paint bleeding occurs.
• Economical. The product is reusable.
• Safety. Stencils can be used for children’s crafts.

Surfaces for decoration: wood, MDF, veneer, paper, glass, ceramics, plastic, metal, primed canvas, fabric and other flat surfaces. 
Materials for decoration: acrylic and gouache colours, colour spays, colours for fabric, glass and ceramics,and structure pastes, gels, markers, chalk, wax pencils etc. 
Instruments: sponge, sponge roller, stencil brush, palette knife.

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Data sheet
Brand ROSA Talent
Format 13х20
Series Ukraine
Product type STENCILS
Stencil type Self-adhesive