Artists' Watercolours in tubes Classic ROSA Gallery

Artists' Watercolours in tubes Classic ROSA Gallery

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Key properties:
• Organic and inorganic pigments
• Organic gumarabic
• High lightfastess
• High pigment concentration
• Clear and vibrant colours


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Сompact sets of 12 and 24 colors in lightweight cardboard packaging with an inspiring design and an additional window through which you can see the tubes. The presence of a plastic blister adds convenience to the work process - you can see the layout of the tubes and quickly find the desired color. During transportation, the blister prevents deformation of the tubes, so they will reach you safe and sound.

For those who are taking their first steps in painting, a carefully formed palette of colors will be a great help, and for professionals, basic colors will never be superfluous. You do not need to choose paints individually - new sets with a classic palette are selected by professional artists and have all the necessary colors to start working in the technique.

A watercolours set CLASSIC combine traditional colours for watercolour techniques.

Watercolors by ROSA Gallery have a high concentration of pigments that provides maximum brightness and color saturation. The paints are easily blurred with water and collected on the brush, both directly squeezed out of the tube and those that have already dried on the palette.

• Organic gum arabic provides perfect adhesion and even colour flow
• High-quality organic and inorganic pigments guarantee purity and transparency of each colours
• High pigment concentration supplies the artists with a wide range of colours: from airy transparent to full opaque
• Most of the colours in the range of the set are monopigmented, which allows you to create pure shades when mixed.

The characteristics of ROSA Gallery watercolors make it possible to apply all the techniques and methods of watercolor painting.

ROSA Gallery Fine Art Watercolour Paints are designed and produced in Ukraine.High-quality materials, professional approach and modern specialized equipment ensure ultimate quality of our products.

ROSA Gallery Artists’ Watercolours are developed according to the requirements and recommendations of the professional artists.

Paints in the set of 12 colors:
702 – Cadmium Lemon, 731 – Cadmium Yellow Light, 706 – Cadmium Red Light, 725 – Madder Red, 711 - Green, 712 - Emerald Green, 729 - Bright Blue, 715 - Ultramarine, 719 – Yellow Ohre, 722 - Umber, 720 - Sepia, 724 - Neutral Black.

Paints in the set of 24 colors:
702 – Cadmium Lemon, 731 – Cadmium Yellow Light, 732 - Cadmium Yellow Deep, 730 - Golden Yellow, 705 - Cadmium Orange, 706 – Cadmium Red Light, 707 - Cadmium Red Medium, 725 – Madder Red, 708 - Carmine, 710 - Violet, 713 - Olive Green, 711 - Green, 712 - Emerald Green, 714 - Turquoise, 716 - Cobalt Blue, 729 - Bright Blue, 715 - Ultramarine, 717 - Indigo, 719 – Yellow Ohre, 722 - Umber, 733 - Burnt Sienna, 736 - English Red, 720 - Sepia, 724 - Neutral Black.

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Watercolours IN TUBE 10ML. DOT-CARDS  

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Data sheet
Brand ROSA Gallery
Type of colours Watercolor paint
Specialization Professional painting
Packaging Set
Volume 10 ml aluminum tube
Type of packaging Сardboard box
Effect Classic colors
Number in the set 12, 14
Frost resistance above 0
Painting technique Watercolor
Series set CLASSIC