Sets of gouache paints Cats ROSA Kids

Sets of gouache paints Cats ROSA Kids

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Key properties:
• Bright, rich colours
• Great covering power
• Creamy, uniform consistency
• Colouring book in each set
• Stickers on the lid of the jar with the colour name
• Safe and certified


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ROSA Kids gouache paints are produced on a plant basis, which makes them safe for children's creativity. These are bright, clean, saturated colours that, after drying, form a matte velvety texture, but still keep the drawing just as vibrant. Gouache provides excellent coverage and has a creamy uniform consistency, so it spreads evenly on paper and cardboard. Even if the jar is opened for a long time and the paint thickens, its consistency can be quickly restored by adding water. A table, brushes, and small hands can be easily washed.

The colour range of the set is selected to provide the young artist with the basic and necessary intermediate colours. The colours mix well with each other, creating the expected colours and shades.

The range includes 4 sets of ROSA Kids gouache in different colours:
6, 9, 12, 24х10 ml.

Gouache sets are made in a stylish cat design, which differs in the sets by a different number of colours. An additional bonus is a colouring book inside each set, which will motivate the child to draw immediately after unpacking the paints. Each jar of gouache has a sticker on the lid with the name of the colour, which makes it easy to navigate the palette, quickly select the desired colour, and learn new colour names.

Main properties of ROSA Kids gouache paints:
• Bright, rich colours;
• Great covering power;
• Creamy, uniform consistency;
• Can be easily diluted with water;
• Colouring book in each set;
• Stickers on the lid of the jar with the colour name;
• Stylish design that is unique in different sets;
• Safe and certified.

Gouache painting develops a child's creative abilities, colour perception, imagination and perseverance. While painting, the child learns colours and explores the process of mixing and creating new interesting shades.

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Data sheet
Type of colours Gouache сolour
Packaging Set
Volume 10 ml jar
Type of packaging Сardboard box
Effect Classic colors
Painting technique Gouache
Consistence Creamy
Function For junior's