Primed Fiberboards ROSA Studio

Primed Fiberboards ROSA Studio

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ROSA Studio Primed Cardboard and Fiberboard are hard surfaces for painting. They dier from the canvas in tin their smoothness and are mostly used for experimental painting and decoration, sketches, which need primed grounds.

Cardboard and Fiberboard primed with three layers ofthe acrylic primer are perfect for oil and acrylic paints as well as for oil pastels thanks to theirhard base.

ROSA Studio Primed Cardboard and Fiberboard sizes range from 15x15 cm to 60x80 cm, with the intervalof5 cm. Customized sizes are also possible

basis:fiberboard, 3mm

primer:acrylic three-layered

size:from 18х20cm to 60x80cm

packing:each item is packed into the shrinkable transparent film

Data sheet
Brand ROSA Studio
Prime Acrylic prime
Material Fiberboard
Soil color White