Billets doll houses ROSA Talent

Billets doll houses ROSA Talent

New product

Кеу properties:
• Interesting trend motives developed by ROSA designers
• Easy to assemble thanks to a simple and clear design
• MDF material is easily and conveniently decorated
• Contain assemble instructions for each blank


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ROSA Talent dollhouses and garages for a children's room are MDF construction kits, which are easy to assemble and decorate using different techniques: decoupage, painting, decorating with mosaics, etc.

The designs are developed in accordance with the latest market trends: 6 different types of dollhouses - with drawers for small items, with open able doors, open on all sides, with a terrace, etc., 2-level and 3-level parking garages for playing and storing of the cars.

A wide range will allow you to choose exactly the design of the elements that will suit your needs, depending on the size of the children's room, the number of children in the game, the size of the toys and the style of the interior.

ROSA Talent dollhouses and parking garages for a children’s room are a real find for young mothers who, together with a child, can assemble and decorate the house on their own in accordance with the style of the children’s room and this is a dream gift for each child. Also, this is an interesting thing for decorators performing custom work: interior decoration, photoshoots and creating gifts.

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Data sheet
Brand ROSA Talent
Packaging Single
Material MDF
Type bases Doll furniture