Acrylic for decoration pearl 75ml ROSA TALENT

Acrylic for decoration pearl 75ml ROSA TALENT

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Key properties:
• Excellent covering power 
• Smooth application 
• Hermetically sealed jar with a tamper-evident cap


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ROSA TALENT Decorative Pearlescent and Metallic Acrylics are homogenous opaque paints for an exquisite glossy and shiny finish of decorated items. They are an ideal choice for festive decorations, card designing or wooden bases decoration.

Acrylic paints are used in the vast majority of hobby techniques including decorating, decoupage, crackling, scrapebooking, or decorative painting and can be applied to such surfaces: wood, plywood, fiberboard, MDF, paper, cardboard, primed canvas, stone and brick. Water-based acrylic paints are notable for their rich colours, strong adhesion and fast drying time. The creamy consistency of the paints performs easy and smooth brushing. Acrylic paints can be diluted with water or mixed together in both cases giving new shades. Thanks to the durable water-resistant film formed once the paints dry, decorated items can be used in the household on a day-to-day basis. Further water-based varnishing can be applied to the decorated items, which are constantly used.  Please note, the pearlescent or metallic effect can become less evident when the items are varnished.

ROSA TALENT Decorative Pearlescent and Metallic Acrylics for decoration are available in 20 ml jars for a convenient use with stencils and small parts. Hermetically sealed jars with a temper-evident cap preserve the original consistency of the paints and prevent them from drying.

Pearlescent acrylics have 8 extremely tender pastel colours with high pigment concentration. They are also perfect for decoration of wedding accessories.

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Acrylic paint for decor pearl 20ml

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Data sheet
Type of colours Acrylic colour
Number of colors in the palette 2
Packaging Single
Volume 75 ml.
Type of packaging Aluminum tube
Effect Рearl
Еxpiration date 2 years
Frost resistance до 0