Acrylic paints 400 ml ROSA Gallery

Acrylic paints 400 ml ROSA Gallery

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Key properties:
• High-quality pigments and up-to-date acrylic dispersions
• Rich consistency keeps the dynamics of а brushstroke
• Classic color range - unique colors
• An extended drying time of the paint
• The paint has a slightly glossy finish once dry.


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ROSA Gallery Artists' Acrylics аrе developed for painting according to the demands and recommendations of professional artists.
Acrylics аrе made of high qua­lity finely ground organic and inorganic pigments on the basis of up-to-date acrylic dispersions.
The assortment includes sets of acrylic paints ROSA Gallery for 12x20 ml, 18x20 ml and 24x20 ml. Acrylic Paint Set includes carefully selected colors of the full-color range, which can be mixed together creating new shades. High pigment concentrations ensure purity and color saturation.
The rich consistency keeps the dynamics of а brushstroke and makes it possible to paint both in a thin layer and impasto.
After drying, the paint forms an indelible film that has a slightly glossy finish and remains elastic even in a thick layer.
These kinds of sets will be a good decision for the open-air or an excellent gift to a friend, colleague or teacher.

Кеу properties:
• Pure and bright colours
• High pigment concentration
• Basic and unique colours
• Rich consistency holds the dynamics of а stroke and is perfect for both impasto and classic painting
• Flexible film once dry even in а thick layer
• Good for outdoor works
• Made of up-to-date acrylic dispersions

Professional ROSA Gallery Artists' Acrylics are designed and manufactured in Ukraine. High-quality raw materials, professional approach and modern specialized equipment guarantee uncompromisingly high quality of products.

This product is available in the following range:

Tube 60 ml  SETS OF ACRYLIC PAINTS 12, 18, 24

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Data sheet
Brand ROSA Gallery
Type of colours Acrylic colour
Number of colors in the palette 8
Packaging Single
Volume 400 ml jar
Еxpiration date 2 years
Frost resistance above 0
Painting technique ACRYLICS
Consistence Very dense