Medium for the cultivation of acrylic paints ROSA Gallery

Medium for the cultivation of acrylic paints ROSA Gallery

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Key properties:
• Water-based, quick-dryand odorless
• Do not change the colourofthe painting, prevent its yellowing
• Provide uniform coating
• Non-tackyonce dry
• Can be applies on the previouslyvarnished surfaces
• Forwooden, acrylic painting and otherprimed/painted surfaces


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Rosa Studio Acrylic Varnishes are made to protect acrylic paintings on canvas, wood, or stone.

The range includes Matte and Glossy Varnishes. They provide a water-resistant anti- scratch mate coating, which is non-tacky once dry and non-yellowing in the length oftime. ROSA Studio Matte and Glossy Varnish can be mixed togetherfora satin finish. Fine art varnishes harmonize differences in color of paintings, increase color shades depth and emphasize the fine details of the picture.

These varnishes can be also used as a medium for dilution acrylics and preparing the canvas before painting. ROSA Gallery Acrylic Varnishes can be sprayed overthe surfaces ifdiluted with waterbeforehand.

Howto use:
• Shake the bottle wellbefore use.
• For the thorough and uniform coating, apply 1-2 layers ofthe varnish.
• Absorbing surfaces mayneed more layers ofthe varnish.
• The drying time is up to 30 minutes (at 0 20 C and 50% humidity).
• Every next layer of the varnish may be applied only after the previous one is completely dry (in 2 hours).

Data sheet
Brand ROSA Studio
Packaging Single
Type of packaging Plastic jar
Еxpiration date 2 years
Frost resistance до 0