The cloth is in a roll of Italian Unico cotton fine grain

The cloth is in a roll of Italian Unico cotton fine grain

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Key properties:
• Italian cotton
• Fine grain, 335 g/m²
• Acrylic primer


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Unico primed stretched canvases made of Italian cotton is distinguished by a smooth surface and peculiarly white ground colour.
• Italian cotton
• extra fine grain, 326 g/m²
• acrylic primer

Unico primed stretched canvases is designed for acrylic, oil and other types of paints.
• Extra fine grain canvas (326 g/m²) is suitable for painting with a brush and palette knife
• Acrylic primer preventing penetration of paint on the reverse side of the canvas
• Tinted backside gives the canvas aesthetic sophistication and makes it look like linen

ROSA canvases must be stretched only with dry method of stretching.

This product is available in this range:

Stretched canvas Italian cotton fine grain Unico

Data sheet
Brand Unico by ROSA
Еxpiration date No expiry date
Frost resistance Frost-resistant product
Canvas Сotton
Grain texture Extra fine grain
Prime Acrylic prime
Density 326 g/m²
Soil color White