Оdorless solvent ROSA Studio

Оdorless solvent ROSA Studio

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Key properties:
• Easymixed with paints
• Easilywashing the brushes, knifes and palettes
• Suitable forworkin groups and enclosed spaces
• Highlyflammable


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ROSA Odorless Solvent is a dearomatized solvent for art works: oil paints dilution, viscosity reduction as wellas cleaning brushes, palletes and canvases.

Being dearomatized, the solvent is suitable for indoor works and can be used by people sensitive to fragrances. It should be remembered that as fragrance-free solvent has effluvia, artists’workrooms, studios, studyclasses require periodic airing or special ventilation systems to be installed.White spirit-based solvents evaporate fast in the open air minimizing drying time ofthe paints.

ROSA Odorless Solvent can be used separately or mixed either with the oil paints or varnishes. When diluting oilpaints, it is important to regulate its quantity. Overdosing ofthe solvent leads to the glossy layer of the paints to be less intense and the overallfading ofthe paints.

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Data sheet
Brand ROSA Studio
Packaging Single
Volume 125, 250, 500, 1000 ml
Type of packaging Plastic jar
Frost resistance До -15
Painting technique Oil