NEW:ROSA Gallery Fine Art Watercolour Paints

NEW:ROSA Gallery Fine Art Watercolour Paints

ROSA Gallery Fine Art Watercolour Paints are developed according to the requirements and recommendations of the professional fine artists.

The paints are based on organic gumarabic and premium finely ground natural pigments. The majority of the colours being single pigment, ROSA Gallery Fine Art Watercolour Paints enable us to obtain numerous amazing pure shades when the colours are mixed.

- Organic gumarabic provides perfect adhesion and even colour flow
- Organic and inorganic pigments of each colour are selected taking into consideration the expectations of professional artists
- High-quality finely ground pigments guarantee purity and transparency of colours
- High pigment concentration supplies the artists with a wide range of colour: from airy transparent to full opaque
- High lightfastess of each colour is enabled via thorough selection and testing of the pigments for colour intensity and permanence
- Traditional technique of natural drying of the watercolour provides easy dilution and brushing properties

ROSA Gallery Fine Art Watercolour Paints give the artists opportunity to apply various art techniques.

ROSA Gallery Fine Art Watercolour Paints are designed and produced in Ukraine. High-quality materials, professional approach and modern specialized equipment ensure ultimate quality of our products.

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    Oct 18, 2020

    Доброго дня! Бачила декілька відео про акварель Rosa Studio. Дуже хотвлося б спропували, але я проживаю в Канаді, а продавця через якого можна було б замовити фарби з достовкою. Пишу просто для того, щоб виразити зацікавленність у вашій продукціїї за межами України. І судячи з англомовних відео, вона є не тельки у одної мене. Надіюсь, колись побачити її серед товарів Jackson's art або на Amazon. Бажаю успіхів у вашій роботі! Таня