New: Acrylic paint 400ml ROSA Studio

New: Acrylic paint 400ml ROSA Studio

Meet the novelty: the most needed colour - Titanium White in a new size of 1000 ml, as well as an expansion of range of ROSA Studio acrylic paints in an increased size of 400 ml!

Titanium acrylic white is the main colour, 99% of paintings can't go without it, therefore it is always more used than other colours of the entire range of colours. A size of 1000 ml is a great option when large amount of paint is needed: for art studios, educational institutions, master classes, and, of course, for artists who paint walls or create large-scale paintings.

The range of ROSA Studio acrylic paints in size of 400 ml was supplemented by the classic colours:

Dark green, Neapolitan yellow, Natural Sienna, Emerald, Natural Umber

From now on, ROSA Studio range of acrylic paints in a size of 400 ml makes up a full palette - 30 basic colours, which allow you to get new shades when mixed.

ROSA Studio acrylic paints are made of high-quality organic and inorganic pigments, finely ground, and based on modern acrylic dispersions. The creamy consistency of the paint is ready to work without further dilution. After drying, the paint forms a durable elastic film with a slight gloss.

The range of ROSA Studio artistic acrylic paints are selected according to the classical painting methodology provides the expected results when mixed and tint.

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