New: Reusable stencils from ROSA TALENT

New: Reusable stencils from ROSA TALENT

Wonderful novelties from ROSA TALENT - reusable stencils from ROSA will soon appear on the shelves of art stores in Ukraine! This is a chance to create and repeat motifs on hard surfaces, the convenience of creating symmetrical and multi-layered compositions, three-dimensional, relief images.

ROSA TALENT reusable stencil is completely transparent that allows you to see the previously decorated base and the place where the future decor will be applied. It is easy to control the decorating process and make additions.

Made of transparent plastic, 0.5 mm thick stencil is ideal for working with pastes, gels, thick acrylic paint to create a clear three-dimensional relief.
One of the main differences between the reusable stencil and the self-adhesive one is the absence of an adhesive layer, which allows the reusable stencil to be used on delicate or already pre-decorated surfaces with high-quality retaining of decorative layers.
The Christmas holidays are coming soon! So do not delay to create holiday decor and prepare it in advance. That is why the first series of new reusable stencils that we have created for you is "New Year"!

New Year's Eve and Christmas themes to create relevant holiday decor:
Christmas trees, deer, snowflakes, holiday houses - traditional New Year's Eve symbols that will turn an ordinary packing box into a festive luxury thing.
Background stencils "Christmas trees" will create a standalone Christmas background on an item, or will become a basis for creating a multilayered panel or scrapbook album.
Inscriptions with New Year and Christmas wishes will allow you to sign a Christmas card, gift wrapping beautifully and quickly.

Reusable stencil ROSA TALENT can be used on smooth solid, even, or slightly rounded surfaces for decoration: wood, plywood, MDF, fiberboard, metal, glass, and ceramics, primed canvas, fabric, paper, plastic.

Main properties:
• Ideal thickness (0.5 mm) for creating three-dimensional, relief images with paste or gel;
• Transparent: creating of symmetrical images and multilayer compositions;
• No adhesive layer makes it possible to apply the next layers of decor, keeping the previously created ones not damaged;
• Versatile. For working with materials of different consistency: paint, spray, paste, gel;
• Durable in use;
• Ideal size: 13x20 cm.

The reusable stencil ROSA TALENT will simplify work and open up new opportunities for both beginners and experienced decorators. Durable transparent plastic will ensure long-term use of a stencil, convenience, and simplicity in its care.

It's great that now you have the opportunity to choose which stencil is best for your creative tasks: reusable or self-adhesive? Choose yours according to the creative purposes and the material to be decorated.

Expect new interesting series of reusable stencils from ROSA TALENT soon and embody your creative ideas!

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