New: ROSA Talent Fine-grained texture paste for decoration

New: ROSA Talent Fine-grained texture paste for decoration

Meet a new product from ROSA Talent - fine-grained textured paste for decoration in a 150 ml jar!
The paste is made on an acrylic base and is designed to create smooth reliefs. It is used in various decor techniques and in scrapbooking.

Thanks to the thick creamy consistency, the paste is ideally modeled and is suitable for various types of hard surfaces: wood, cardboard, glass ceramics, plastic and primed cloth, metal, stones.

Ideal for stencils. It applies evenly and clearly through a stencil, after application, it keeps the created shape and does not collapse.
The paste adheres firmly to the surface, securely fixes gliters, crystals, caviar beads and other decorative elements.

If you want to create a three-dimensional colour pattern, there are two options for the task:
- create a pattern with a clean paste, and after drying, paint or rub it with acrylic paints;
- mix the paste together with paint at a ratio of 70% paint, 30% paste - and you get a coloured mass to create a pattern.

ROSA Talent paste can be used to create small decor elements, with the help of molds and as a basis for gluing small ornaments. Use a spatula to apply the paste.

Features of ROSA Talent texture paste for decoration:
• The optimal volume for decorators - 150 ml;
• Plastic - it is easily and clearly applied through a stencil
• Thick - ideal for modeling, retains its shape during application and after drying
• Flexible - does not crack even in a thick layer
• When mixed with paint (up to 30%) it retains the colour of the latter.

Use a palette knife or a special flexible spatula to apply the paste. When forming a high relief, we recommend applying the paste in thin layers several times. Each subsequent layer is applied after complete drying of the previous one.

Get inspired, experiment, generate new ideas with ROSA Talent decor materials!

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