New blanks from ROSA TALENT

New blanks from ROSA TALENT

New blanks from ROSA TALENT: the basis for making ethnic amulets - dream catchers!
The basics for dream catchers are circles made of smooth MDF that are easy to decorate. Available in a set of 4 circles with a diameter of 15cm, d: 16.5 cm, d: 18 cm, d: 20 cm.

Experiment with colorus and decor! Bases for dream catchers can be decorated in one technique or combined with different materials: acrylic or gouache paints, markers, craquelure, texture pastes, decorative sequins, and other decorative elements.
Rings can be designed as a panel using different materials: threads, ribbons, feathers, beads, and dried flowers.

• Set of 4 pcs. of different sizes;
• Dimensions: d: 15cm, d: 16.5cm, d: 18cm, d: 20cm
• Smooth MDF that is easy to decorate.

To protect the workpieces from dust and mechanical damage, we recommend covering the finished work with acrylic varnish.


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