New: Folders of gouache paper from ROSA Studio

New: Folders of gouache paper from ROSA Studio

New folders with gouache paper from ROSA Studio are designed for the most popular painting teaching techniques. The texture, weight, and sizing of the paper meet all the requirements of the gouache technique.

The folders hold 20 A4 and A3 sheets each.

The paper is ideal for gouache painting and it is also suitable for working with pencils, liners, and water-based markers.
Fine-grained texture, high-quality sizing of paper, and 180 gsm paper weight are ideal characteristics of paper for drawing and sketching. The paper is resistant to deformation when erased with an eraser.
The paper is suitable for thick layers of gouache, and for thin, water-diluted layers. Special sizing prevents the paint from bleeding to the back side, and after drying the paper flattens. The slightly rough fine-grained surface of the paper provides good adhesion to the paint and even distribution of gouache.

• Paper weight - 180 gsm;
• Fine-grained texture is versatile for various techniques;
• Ideal for gouache, drawing and sketching;
• Thanks to high-quality sizing, the paper does not wrinkle when rubbed with an eraser;
• Author's laconic, stylish folder design.

The laconic and stylish design of the paper folder is in sync with the design of ROSA Studio gouache paints. A thick cover allows you to use the folder for storing and transporting paper and finished work. Special flaps keep the paper inside the folder; it does not fall out, does not get dirty, and does not get folded during transportation.


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