New: Synthetic brushes round STREAM in THE TRAVEL BRUSH series by ROSA

New: Synthetic brushes round STREAM in THE TRAVEL BRUSH series by ROSA

The most popular brushes for watercolor painting black synthetics ROSA STREAM are now also in the TRAVEL BRUSH series!

Travel Brush ROSA series brushes are equipped with a special protective cap that protects the hair from mechanical damage during transportation. A compact brush is easy to fit in a pencil case or pocket, due to the fact that its working part is disconnected from the metal handle and hidden inside the cap.
Watercolor brushes synthetics round ROSA STREAM 158 are universal brushes that perform accurate, detailed work, as well as fills and wide strokes in various watercolor techniques.

Elastic, while sufficiently soft synthetics of black color perfectly holds the shape of the beam and tip, which allows you to prescribe small details and thin lines. The elasticity of the brush is ideal for artists who like to control the process as much as possible and control the stroke. The round shape and properties of the hair make the brush universal for different nature of strokes.

The main characteristics of ROSA STREAM 158 synthetic brushes in the TRAVEL BRUSH series from ROSA:
• Shape: round
• Elastic, soft synthetics of black color
• For travel and plein airs. Equipped with a special protective cap
• Suitable for both fills and registration of small parts
• Numbers: 2, 4, 5, 7

SYNTHETICS ROUND STREAM 158 is the best option when you strive to have a minimum set of tools with you and at the same time not to be limited in capabilities.

Synthetics round STREAM 158 in ROSA's TRAVEL BRUSH series are ideal for creating watercolors, sketches in travel and plein air.



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