The main colours of ROSA Studio oil paints in a volume of 490 ml

The main colours of ROSA Studio oil paints in a volume of 490 ml

4 basic colours of ROSA Studiо oil paints are now also available in a large volume of 490 ml.

490 ml is a good solution for artists who use the basic colours of oil paints in large volumes, create large-scale paintings; for use in educational institutions, art studios for classes and master classes.

Henceforth, in jars of 490 ml, in addition to white, you can buy 4 more main colours of ROSA Studio oil paints:
• Yellow light
• Red Deep
• Ultramarine
• Lamp Black

These paints are produced with the use of polimerized lin­seed oiland have pure colours and naturalbrilliance. The colours are carefully selected оn the basis of classical art methodology. Creamy consistency of ROSA Studio colours allows artists to use paints undiluted. Paints have an accelerated drying time (up to 3 days in a thin layer), which makes it possible to complete the work faster.

Key properties:
• Large volume - an ideal choice for large-scale works, training in art studios, schools
• Creamy consistency allows you to work with paint immediately
• Fast drying period is 3 days approximately (in thin layer)
• Retain natural shine after drying

ROSA Studio oil paint palette consists of 31 colours in a volume of 60 ml, from now on 5 colours in a volume of 490 ml, as well as sets of paints for 12, 18 and 24 colors of 20 ml each. Choose according to your needs and methods of use.

Art oil paints ROSA Studio are designed and manufactured in Ukraine. High-quality raw materials, professional approach and modern specialized equipment guarantee uncompromisingly high quality products.


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