New sets of brushes for decoration from ROSA Talent!

New sets of brushes for decoration from ROSA Talent!

Popular among decorators and artists, brushes from ROSA Talent are now available in new sets!

In addition to the existing sets of ROSA Talent brushes for decoration with a basic selection of sizes and shapes, we have created new sets for other frequent tasks and decorating styles. One of the tasks is to work with large areas, so the new sets are a good choice for mural artists. The new sets include small sizes of round brushes for drawing details, fine lines, and larger flat brushes for drawing large areas.

New types of sets:
No. 4 synthetics, 4 pcs (No. 0.4, - round; 18.26 - flat)
No. 5 synthetics, 4 pcs (No. 3 - round; 4, 8, 22 - flat)

Properties of ROSA Talent brushes for decoration:
• Due to its density and length of hair, the brush makes it possible to hold a lot of paint or varnish
• A wide selection of sizes in popular shapes of brushes. They are convenient to use both for small details and to work on large areas
• Used for applying paint, varnish, craquelures, gels, glues.

ROSA Talent brushes for decoration are tools that are used in almost all decoration and painting techniques and are a must-have in the toolkit of every craftsman and decorator. Ideal for work in techniques: decoration, painting, decoupage, painting fabrics, glass or ceramics, batik, gilding.


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