New: A large 35-colour set of professional watercolours from ROSA Gallery

New: A large 35-colour set of professional watercolours from ROSA Gallery

35-colour set from ROSA Gallery professional watercolours in a compact case, considering such a large number of colours, will create comfort and expand the possibilities of the artist's work! The classic palette of colours is supplemented with additional colours in a multi-functional stylish case and patriotic design and it will be a desirable gift for a watercolourist friend.

The set of watercolours CLASSIC for 35 colours is formed from traditional watercolour colours on the basis of the existing set for 28 colours and supplemented with new popular ones (Aureolin, Titanium white, Caput-mortuum, Cobalt turquoise, Lavender, Magenta pink, Ceruleum).
Paints are ideal for creating clean and interesting mixtures because most of the colours in the set are pigmented.

The size of the new case (225*110*28 mm) is the same as of the familiar case for 28 colours, and thanks to the additional row for fixing the pans, it fits 7 additional colours. This saves space in your bag or sketchbox easel because you get more colours in the same case.

Watercolor Cases ROSA Gallery are metal boxes with two palettes of different configurations. They have a special insert for the cuvette and a convenient finger holder on the bottom of the case, which makes it easy to hold the paint in a hand while working.
Rows of holders for pans have reliable clips that firmly fix paints in the case.

The inside "right" white colour of the case, which is not snow-white and without additional shades, will not gleam and dazzle in the open air, in the sunlight.

ROSA Gallery metal cases for 35-colour set of watercolours can also be purchased separately and you can create your own author's palette of colours from pans and half-pans.

ROSA Gallery Fine Art Watercolour Paints are made of organic gumarabic and premium finely ground organic and inorganic pigments. Most of the colours in the range of the set are monopigmented, which allows you to create pure shades when mixed.

ROSA Gallery Artists’ Watercolours give the artists opportunity to apply various art techniques.
• Organic gum arabic provides perfect adhesion and even colour flow;
• High-quality organic and inorganic pigments guarantee purity and transparency of each colours;
• High pigment concentration supplies the artists with a wide range of colours: from airy transparent to full opaque;
• Natural drying providing easy dilution and brushing properties.

A larger palette - new possibilities with the new CLASSIC 35-colour set of watercolours!


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