New: Metal case for watercolours in 35 colours ROSA Gallery

New: Metal case for watercolours in 35 colours ROSA Gallery

A watercolourist's dream - new enlarged metal cases for watercolours from ROSA Gallery for 35 colours are already on sale! Create your own author's colour palette with pans and half pans.

The special feature of the new case is that its size (225*110*28 mm) is identical to that familiar case for 28 colours, and thanks to an additional row for pans, it can hold an additional 7 colours. This is a good solution for artists who want to have a wide palette of watercolours, while saving space in a bag or workplace.

Watercolor Cases ROSA Gallery are metal boxes with two palettes of different configurations. They have a special insert for the cuvette and a convenient finger holder on the bottom of the case, which makes it easy to hold the paint in a hand while working. In the new cases, rows of fastening for pans are fixed with a special catch.
The inside "right" white colour of the case, which is not snow-white and without additional shades, will not gleam and dazzle in the open air, in the sunlight.

Main characteristics:
• New size for 35 pans;
• Stylish indigo colour;
• Pans are firmly fixed in the middle of the case; they do not fall out even during overturning;
• Pans and semi-pans;
• It has a finger holder, which makes it easy to hold the case in your hand;
• Compact and easy to carry.

Enjoy the creative process, and ROSA will take care of your comfort at work!

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