Easter blanks from ROSA Talent

Easter blanks from ROSA Talent

Meet new Easter theme blanks from ROSA TALENT! 3D blanks, coasters, toppers, and figurines for decorating are stylish decor for creating a festive mood.

New Easter blanks from ROSA TALENT:
Choose sets of blanks with a rope for decorating an Easter basket, a home, and decorating of an Easter tree.
Set of toppers can be used in the decoration of a holiday composition or an Easter basket. Use them to decorate the main attribute of the holiday - Easter bread. It will look stylish, unusual, and modern.
3D "Bunny" compositions on the stand will be the highlight of the holiday and will perfectly complement the decor of the festive table, where the whole family gathers.
Egg holders are an original and convenient option for placing Easter eggs on a festive table or in an Easter basket.

You can decorate Easter blanks in various techniques: painting with acrylics, decoupage, contours for volumetric painting, texture pastes using stencils, etc. For painting, use bright or delicate pastel colours: pink, blue, light green, orange, purple, yellow, and white. The decor should be soft, clean, bright as a big Easter holiday itself.

Features of ROSA TALENT Easter blanks:
• Various designs of blanks in Easter theme;
• Easy to assemble thanks to a simple and clear design;
• Plywood material allows you to use blanks without decoration;
• They are easy and convenient to decorate;
• The blanks have assembly instructions.

New blanks perfectly complement the existing range of bases for decorating. Choose exactly what you need to decorate the table, and create a festive atmosphere of a bright holiday.

Immerse yourself in the Easter atmosphere with ROSA TALENT blanks for decorating!

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