New sets of acrylic paint on fabric ROSA TALENT

New sets of acrylic paint on fabric ROSA TALENT

Meet the new acrylic sets for painting fabrics from ROSA TALENT!

5 new sets of acrylics are harmoniously matched colours that blend perfectly with each other. This a real find for those who want to try their hand at this technique for the first time, but is not sure as to the colours of paint for the first purchase. And you can also choose a set as a gift for a creative person, supplementing it with stencils or stamps for block printing.

Choose a set with the desired composition of colours:
"STYLE" - 12*20ml and 18*20ml. Bright, bold colours to create modern youth motifs. The set of 18 colours has an additional jar of white colour, because everyone knows that white colour is always used the most during work. Don't forget that the range also includes a 6*20 ml "STYLE" mini set!

”CAT” - 18*20 ml contains a bright, saturated basic classic palette of colours, which are ideal both for use in their pure form and for creating many shades in mixtures for painting any clothing.

“HEART” - 12 * 20 (+2 metallic), 24 * 20 (+2 metallic) Along with the basic colours, the sets include 2 metallics, which will add sophistication to the painting and help to set accents.

Emphasize your individuality with hand-painted clothes or accessories. If you want to create a unique painted item, but do not have experience in painting - use ROSA TALENT reusable self-adhesive stencils. Denim jackets, T-shirts, eco-bags, and sneakers - easily turn into a unique stylish thing with the use of acrylic on fabrics ROSA TALENT.

ROSA TALENT acrylic paints on fabric are ideal for painting light and dark fabrics of various compositions, including leather and suede. They are elastic after drying and do not excessively thicken the fabric. Bright and saturated colours of paints mix well with each other, forming new desired shades. Thanks to the homogeneous consistency, the paint is applied evenly to the fabric and does not bleed, so it is convenient for stencil application.

Main characteristics:
• 5 new sets of 12, 18, and 24 colours of 20 ml each;
• Opaque - suitable for painting light and dark fabrics;
• Paint is applied and spread equally well on natural and synthetic fabrics;
• The paint withstands hand and machine washing in the appropriate mode.

Create bright, creative prints on clothes with acrylic paint on fabric from ROSA TALENT!
Surprise and inspire this spring!

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