New acrylic and oil ROSA Brushes

New acrylic and oil ROSA Brushes

A great arrival of new acrylic and oil brushes from ROSA:
248 items, 6 series, 2 types of hair, different forms for classic painting techniques, and special interesting strokes that allow you to accomplish various tasks of the artist.

Depending on the subject and tasks, before starting work, the artist chooses the type of hair, the appropriate shape, and the size of the brush.
The series differ from each other by the type of hair: stiffness, elasticity, thickness, and are represented by various forms of hair bristle to create different artistic forms of strokes: classic, universal, and special, non-standard.

Classic brush shapes:
Round brushes are suitable for applying paint in line of even thickness, or a line that varies in thickness from thin to thick.
Indispensable for working on details, creating patterns and ornaments, painting the background.
Flat brushes are used for applying wide relief even strokes, painting the background, covering large surfaces.
The rectangle head is useful for creating a smooth transition from one color to another and when mixing colors on a palette. When working with thick paints, flat brushes help to create pasty strokes.
Oval brushes are universal. They can be used to create strokes that form both flat and round brushes, depending on their position relative to the surface. In addition, this brush shape is ideal for creating soft, rounded and wedge-shaped strokes, mixing colors, softening edges and transitions of the same color.

Special types:
The fan brush is suitable for creating special effects and textures, softening contrasts, contours and textures, smoothing color transitions. It is sed to create stripes, grass, leaves, waves, fur, wood.
Flat brushes are used for applying wide, even relief strokes, painting the background, and covering large surfaces, they are convenient for large works, as well as for covering large surfaces with water, paint or varnish. Such brushes, due to their size and shape, hold a large amount of paint
An angle brush is ideal for creating thin long lines, effects of the play of light and shadow, the transition of one color to another, drawing very thin lines, point accents, drawing ribbons and flowers, and creating texture. They can be used to create strokes that form both flat and round brushes, depending on their position relative to the surface.
Such brushes are often used for creating sketches, because they are easy to apply clear lines and sharp corners. Liner is a type of round brush with a very long bristle. Extremely long hair holds paint well. They are used for drawing thin, long lines of even thickness. Ideal for applying inscriptions.

The range of new brushes consists of one series of bristles made of natural hair and 5 series of synthetic hair.
Natural hair.
AMBER series. Stiff hair made of natural ivory-colored bristles perfectly holds its shape, which allows you to work with thick paint. These are the main brushes for oil painting; they can be used with acrylic paints to create textures.
High-quality springy and at the same time-elastic hair, does not break and holds firmly in the ferrule. It soaks up easily and holds paint well.

Shapes of brushes on the long handle of the AMBER series:
round, flat, oval, fan, flat.

Synthetic brushes:
The INTENSE series - brushes with stiff white synthetic hair are a good alternative to bristles for thick paint and for creating textured strokes with character. Elastic hair soaks up and holds oil paint and acrylics well.
Brushes of the INTENSE series are a good choice for evenly covering surfaces and creating texture. Elastic stiff hair will last longer than natural hair and will cope well with the brushstrokes typical of oil painting.
Levels of stiffness: *****

Shapes of brushes on the long handle of the INTENSE series:
2 types of round (pointed tip and rounded), flat, oval, and angle.

The TERRA series is an elastic thin white synthetic hair that combines the properties of hog bristle and synthetics. The elastic bristle holds the paint well and gently spreads it evenly over the surface.
TERRA series brushes, thanks to the elastic thin hair, help to apply a stroke without streaky and blotchy paint, they work well when mixing paint. The universal hair is suitable for working with thick oil and various types of acrylic paints. For connoisseurs of brushes with a long handle, it's an ideal choice for acrylic painting.

Levels of stiffness: ****

Shapes of brushes on the long handle of the TERRA series:
round, flat, oval, and angle.

FLAME series. Brushes made of elastic synthetic hair of medium stiffness are ideal for working with acrylic and gouache paints.
Elastic, well-controlled red synthetic with a dark tip holds its shape well in dry and wet conditions. They are suitable both for drawing thin lines and for creating smooth transitions, painting large areas, and mixing colors.

Levels of stiffness: ***

Shapes of brushes on the short handle of the FLAME series:
round, flat, oval, fan, and angle.

MOON series - brushes made of elastic soft synthetic white hair on a short handle. Soft, yet elastic and controlled hair bristle holds its original shape well when dry and retains it when wet. Round and angle shapes have a sharp tip, which is convenient for creating thin lines, and painting small details, and also makes it possible to work with small pieces.
Most suitable for working with acrylic paint.

Levels of stiffness: ***

Shapes of brushes on the short handle of the MOON series:
round, flat, oval, angle, and liner.

BREEZE series - brushes made of thin, soft synthetic hair are ideal for working with acrylic paint, and can also be used for watercolors. Soft, yet elastic light beige hair with a dark gray tip holds its shape well before and after wetting, and it is easy to control while working. It allows you to paint details and very thin lines.

Ступінь жорсткості: **

Shapes of brushes on the short handle of the BREEZE series:
round, flat, oval, and angle.

The variety of types, shapes, and sizes of the new ROSA brushes will allow the artist to work comfortably in oil and acrylic painting and accomplish incredible and complex effects and strokes!

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