New decoration blanks and stamps for block printing from ROSA Talent in the Halloween series

New decoration blanks and stamps for block printing from ROSA Talent in the Halloween series

Halloween is coming soon, which means it's time to start preparing!
New spooky wooden figurines from ROSA Talent will be transformed with the help of paints, glitter, contours, and your imagination into terribly interesting elements of the decor of a mystical holiday! New stamps for block printing will help create creepy drawings on cardboard and clothes in the Halloween theme!

The series of blanks has been supplemented by:
• Sets of blanks on a rope. Decorate the windows with thematic figurines of bats, skulls, ghosts, and mummies - they will look very atmospheric in the evening light!
• Use the sets of cake toppers: pumpkins, ghosts, and bats to decorate cakes or a scarily delicious pumpkin pie!
• Corner blanks of three types: pumpkins, spider webs, and bats will impressively decorate a table, chest of drawers, or shelf.
• 3D compositions on stand: a witch's castle, bats, and ghosts look mystical and very realistic thanks to the 3D effect. Put it on the table, shelf, or on the windowsill - the atmosphere of a creepy holiday is guaranteed!

The new blanks complement the previously created Halloween series: glass candle holders, blank inscriptions, 3D compositions, and stencils with scary plots for creating images on postcards, posters, and craft bags.

Stamps for block printing from ROSA Talent, individually and in sets, are for the first time made in the Halloween theme and presented with appropriate motifs: ghosts, skulls, spider webs, black cats, and pumpkins.

Stamps for block printing are great helpers for:
• drawing creepy images on T-shirts, hoodies, shopping bags, tablecloths, textile napkins, themed costumes;
• for creating prints for postcards and scrapbooks, party invitations, and themed posters;
• for stamping patterns on craft bags and packaging.

Blanks and decorating tools from ROSA Talent will easily help you prepare thematic decor for the holiday and create the atmosphere of the most mystical event of the year!


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