ROSA Talent Wooden boxes with transparent top

ROSA Talent Wooden boxes with transparent top

Meet the new blanks for decoration - boxes with a transparent top from ROSA Talent!

6 different shapes and sizes, with dividers for small things and without - for larger items! And most importantly, these wooden miracle boxes have a transparent lid, so when you make a gift or use them in the interior, you can see what is inside.

We suggest options for using them in everyday life for organizing and storing small stuff:
• accessories for sewing: buttons, threads, sewing pins, safety pins;
• jewelry and other accessories: bracelets, pendants, rubber bands and hairpins;
• in the kitchen: tea bags of various flavors, nuts, and dried fruits;
• Important items: documents and cards.

Boxes with a transparent top are an ideal choice for holiday packaging:
• gifts: handmade soap, candles, home scents, bath bombs;
• flower arrangements: dried flowers and fresh flowers;
• sets of sweets: macaroons, cupcakes, eclairs, candies

A combination of flowers and sweets in one such box would also be a great option!
And later, a useful package will remain for storing small things.

ROSA Talent boxes can be painted with acrylic paints with various effects, contours for three-dimensional painting, decoupage, or craquelure. Create your own patterns or use stencils and stamps for block printing from ROSA Talent.

Properties of new ROSA Talent boxes:
• 6 different shapes and sizes;
• Materials: pine wood and plywood;
• A transparent cover (film) allows you to see the contents of the box while decorating a gift or using it in the interior;
• Removable fittings make the decorating process easier.

Blanks for decoration from ROSA Talent are always useful, interesting, and relevant types, motifs, and a wide variety of shapes and sizes for the different needs of the decorator!

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