35 colours of ROSA TALENT acrylic fabric paints in size of 80 ml

35 colours of  ROSA TALENT acrylic fabric paints in size of 80 ml

From now on, all ROSA TALENT fabric acrylic colours (excluding effects) are available in an 80ml jar!

With an increased quantity, the 35 supplementary fabric acrylic colours by ROSA TALENT, combined with the 5 basic created earlier, are perfect for large projects, extensive surfaces, studio decorators, and those who enjoy working with jars.

ROSA TALENT water-based acrylic paints are ideal for painting on light and dark fabrics of various compositions, including leather and suede. They are elastic after drying and do not thicken the fabric excessively. Due to the high pigment content, the paints have saturated and bright colours that mix well with each other, forming new desired shades. Due to the uniform consistency of the paint, they spread evenly on the fabric and don't bleed, so it's convenient to paint with a stencil.

Main characteristics:
• 40 vibrant and durable colours in 80ml jars
• Suitable for painting light and dark fabrics due to high hiding power
• Spreads evenly on natural and synthetic fabrics
• Paint can withstand hand and machine washing in the appropriate mode

ROSA TALENT fabric acrylic paints offer high coverage, ensuring that every color appears rich and vibrant on both light and dark fabrics. To achieve a 'transparency' effect, simply dilute the paint with water as needed

For the utmost long-term preservation of your painting on the product in good condition, we recommend adhering to all usage recommendations.

The ROSA TALENT fabric acrylic paint palette consists of 40 matte colors in volumes of 20, 60, and 80 ml; 4 metallic shades, 1 pearl, and 4 fluorescent colors in 20 ml containers. Additionally, sets of 6, 9, 12, 18, and 24 colors in 20 ml are available. Choose according to your needs and application methods!

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