ROSA Studios A5 wirebound sketchbooks are back in ROSA range

ROSA Studios A5 wirebound sketchbooks are back in ROSA range

We are happy to announce that ROSA Studio's A5 wirebound sketchbooks are back in ROSA range!

In addition to the classic black cover, the sketchbook will be available in three new colours: gray, blue, and pistachio!

Wirebound sketchbooks are convenient in the artist's work, because it's easy to turn the pages, and thanks to micro-perforated pages it's easy to tear out paper from the general block. They are compact and durable, which is ideal for working while standing when you need to hold a sketchbook in your arms. The wirebound binding allows you to quickly and easily open and close the sketchbook. The hardcover keeps the sheets securely inside, keeping them even and neat, and can be used as a board.

ROSA Studio Wirebound Sketchbooks for Drawing feature 100 gsm two-side uneven paper for an unlimited choice of the art supply. It is suitable for pencils of different hardness, charcoal, ink, as well as liners and water-based markers. Paper in the sketchbooks is well-glued. It preserves its long-lasting properties even after multiple erasing.

Properties of ROSA Studio Wirebound Sketchbooks:
• Binding: wirebound;
• Hardcover in three colours to choose from: black, gray, blue and pistachio;
• Paper-weight: 100 gsm;
• Sizes: A5;
• Sheets: 80 sheets.

Expect sketchbooks in A4 size in black, gray, blue, and pistachio colour soon!

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