Acrylic varnish glossy ROSA Studio in size 500 ml

Acrylic varnish glossy ROSA Studio in size 500 ml

Meet ROSA Studio acrylic glossy varnish in large size: 500 ml! It is an excellent solution for covering large-scale works, for use in art workshops and studios, and for artists who use varnish regularly.

Now everyone can choose the needed size depending on the goals: 120, 250, or 500 ml.

Matte and gloss acrylic varnishes ROSA Studio water-based and designed to cover works of art made with acrylics on various surfaces: canvas, wood, stones, etc. They form a waterproof matte or glossy film on painting, do not stick after drying, do not turn yellow over time and protect from scratches. Thanks to this, the painting retains its original look for a long time.

Key features:
• 3 volume: 120, 250, 500 ml
• Spreads evenly over the surface
• Does not turn yellow over time
• No sharp odor
• Dries quickly

Water-based, varnishes ROSA Studio do not have a pungent odor, so they can be safely used indoors.
Matt and gloss varnishes ROSA Studio can be mixed to produce a satin effect.


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