10 new colours of ROSA Studio acrylic paints are available in larger sizes

10 new colours of ROSA Studio acrylic paints are available in larger sizes

Now 10 new colours of ROSA Studio acrylic paints are available in larger size: 200 ml soft packs and 400 ml jars!
This is an ideal option when a large amount of acrylic is needed for art studios, educational institutions, master classes, and, of course, for artists who paint on walls or create large-scale paintings.

Colours in 200 ml soft packs and 400 ml jars:

Yellow light.P.Y.3 / P.Y.1
Bright, radiant, light yellow colour that perfectly combines with other colours creating new shades. Warm, transparent yellow will add light to your paintings. A versatile colour for mixing.

447 Bright red P.R.4
Light and bright, warm red colour is created for expressive subjects. Single pigment, semi-transparent, can be used both alone and in mixtures with other colours. Bright red will show its properties to the best advantage, both in painting landscapes and still lifes, and in creating accents in abstract painting.

448 Quinacridone purple P.R.4
A rich, juicy purple colour with a reddish cast, it is bright and warm when tinted. An extremely bright, semi-transparent, single pigment colour that can be used both alone and in mixtures.

449 Cobalt blue P.B.15:3 / P.B.29 / P.W.6
Pure, rich, semi-transparent primary blue. Excellent in mixtures and when used independently.

450 Indigo P.B.15:3 / P.Bk.7
An intense dark colour that reveals its cold tone when tinted. Opaque, with the highest level of light fastness, indigo creates a sense of depth, it is used for expressive, moody skies or depiction of the sea depths.

451 Grass green P.Y.83 / P.G.7
Warm, natural green colour. Deep green is ideal for painting the beauty of summer landscapes.

452 Golden ocher P.Y.42 / P.R.101
Warm opaque soil colour, with a high level of light fastness. Golden ocher represents the feeling of warm summer sand, a field of ripe wheat or sunny autumn.

453 Van Dyck brown P.Br.6 / P.Bk.1
Deep, dark, and saturated natural brown colour. Opaque, with the maximum level of light fastness, it is ideal for painting stones and tree bark.

454 Payne's grey P.B.29 / P.Bk.11
A rich, cool gray-blue colour, great for depicting shadows, gloomy night skies, and cityscapes. Opaque with a high level of light fastness.

455 Mars Black P.Bk.12
A warm, opaque colour, which is sure to please connoisseurs of dark shades. Mars Black looks great, both in mass and when tinted. It has the maximum level of light fastness.

ROSA Studio Acrylics are the best choice for those who study, paint in the open air, orwork in the studio. The acrylics are made of high-quality finely ground organic and inorganic pigments оn the basis of up­to-dateacrylic dispersions.
The range of ROSA Studio artistic acrylic paints are selected according to the classical painting methodology provides the expected results when mixed and tint.
Creamy paint consistency allows the artists to use paints undiluted. ROSA Studio Acrylics form strong elasticfilm and have а slightly glossyfinish once dry.

From now on, a full palette ROSA Studio range of acrylic paints makes up 55 colours in a tube 75 ml, 200 ml in softpacks and 400 and in cans!

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