10 new colours of ROSA Gallery professional watercolours are also available in pans

10 new colours of ROSA Gallery professional watercolours are also available in pans

A novelty that watercolour artists have been eagerly waiting for!

From now on, 10 new colours of ROSA Gallery professional watercolours are also available in pans!

Saturated classic and special unique colours of the new palette are ideal for creating nature landscapes, botanical illustrations, architectural and interior landscapes.

6 granulating and 4 super granulating colours are ideal for creating real watercolour magic and exciting effects will add a special charm to your work.
4 basic mono-pigment colours, which are among the products, will successfully complement the main palette of watercolourists and provide new opportunities for creating interesting mixtures and achieving desired undertones.

For connoisseurs of natural pigments, new products include cadmium red dark, cadmium orange medium and cobalt green.

771 Azo Yellow PY151
Azo yellow is an extremely saturated, semi-opaque, single-pigment colour with a high level of light fastness. Azo yellow is universal for mixing, indispensable for artists who refuse to use cadmium. This bright and sunny colour is designed to add light to your paintings.

772 N Gold ocher PY42
Gold ocher is a wonderful warm colour based on a natural pigment. It is used both independently and in mixtures, which add a natural, warm tone. A soft natural golden shade will help to add a soft glow to the evening sky and will become an indispensable colour when painting.

773 N Cadmium Orange Medium PY35
Single-pigment cadmium colour based on natural pigment, is distinguished by its transparency and high level of light fastness. A rich, deep tone, darker than cadmium orange, will allow you to achieve other shades in mixing. Cadmium Orange Medium will add brightness to your flowers, sunsets, and landscapes.

774 GN Cadmium Red Dark PR108
Natural, one-pigment Cadmium red dark is a universal irreplaceable colour for any palette. Bright, expressive, saturated colour is ideal both independently and in mixtures. A high level of light fastness, semi-opacity, and light granulation allow it to be used in almost all watercolour painting techniques.

775 Pyrrol red PR254
Deep and saturated Pyrrol red is the darkest of the red colours in our palette. Its purity and expressiveness combined with excellent light fastness will find many fans. Rich and intense single-pigment colour is extremely interesting in mixtures with colours of the phthalocyanine group.

776 GN Cobalt Green Medium* PG26
The classic single-pigment, semi-opaque, super-granulating green colour with a noble gray undertone is based on natural pigment. Indispensable when painting landscapes. It is used both independently and in mixtures, which add a natural tone. The colour granulates, which adds a special charm to the works.

777 G Ultramarine spectral PB29
Warmer and more saturated colour compared to classic Ultramarine. Ultramarine spectral has excellent light fastness and easy granulation. The warm, reddish-blue undertone of Ultramarine spectral is ideal as a base for reproducing all shades of sky. Using this colour as the main colour of the triad, you can achieve different colour tones in mixture.

778 G Indanthrene grey* PB60
Unique and special, single-pigment Indanthrene grey will not leave indifferent any watercolourist. Complex and deep colour for true connoisseurs of twilight shades. Ideal for painting shadows, architecture, and evening landscapes. Semi-opaque super granulating colour with a high level of light fastness.

769 GN Carbon red PB36, PR254, PBk7
The warm red-black colour when glazed forms a wide range of unique marble granulation patterns. Adding water changes the colour from the most saturated black to bright red. Ideal for painting stones, mountain surfaces, and abstract works. Semi-opaque with a high level of light resistance, can be used both independently and in mixtures with other colours.

762 Azure Blue* PG26, PB15:3, PBk7
Saturated, deep, and natural Azure blue captivates with many shades. Changes and transitions of tone from dark blue to bright turquoise create the illusion of depth. Adding water allows you to vary the saturation and degree of colour granulation. Semi-opaque, with a high level of light fastness Azure blue is ideal for landscapes and atmospheric abstract works.

Key properties:
• The colors of the paint are the same in both the tub, and in the pan - the only recipe
• Base 100% natural gumarabic
• Most colours of the palette - single-pigment, which makes it possible to create pure shades when mixing

Now the expanded palette of professional artistic watercolours from ROSA Gallery in tubes and pans includes 80 colours, allowing the artist to create their favourite palette.

Dive into the world of watercolour painting with new colours from ROSA Gallery! Enjoy the unique marble granulation patterns, deep complex, and radiant warm colours of your favorite watercoluors!


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