ROSA Gallery spiral-bound sketchbook for watercolour painting

ROSA Gallery spiral-bound sketchbook for watercolour painting

Meet ROSA Gallery spiral-bound sketchbook for watercolour painting!

2 types of Italian Fabriano paper with different cotton content, 3 sizes of sketchbooks, 4 cover colours to choose from, and spiral binding - even more possibilities in the artist’s work!
Meet the new ROSA Gallery spiral watercolour spiral-bound sketchbook!

High-quality professional paper has an optimal density and is ideal for watercolour painting and working with other water-soluble materials.

Wirebound sketchbooks are convenient in the artist's work, because it's easy to turn the pages, and thanks to micro-perforated pages it's easy to tear out paper from the general block. They are compact and durable, which is ideal for working while standing when you need to hold a sketchbook in your arms.The wirebound binding allows you to quickly and easily open and close the sketchbook. The hardcover keeps the sheets securely inside, keeping them even and neat, and can be used as a board. Vertical fixing elastic prevents the notebook from opening untimely and holds the sheets together.

The works of talented Ukrainian artists are used as the design of the sketchbook labels, inspiring their owners to new creative ideas.
Unica paper (50% cotton content, 250 gsm, fine grain):
Square 20x20, 30 sheets, cover colour: turquoise
A4, 32 sheets, cover colour: turquoise
A5, 32 sheets, cover colours: purple, turquoise

The artwork "Autumn Smile" by the artist Olena Viniarska is used as the design of the label of the turquoise sketchbook, and the violet one is decorated with the work "Hydrangea" by the artist Nataliia Kupczyk.

Watercolour paper (25% cotton content, 200 gsm medium grain):
A5, 32 sheets, cover colours: Anthracite, Indigo
A4, 32 sheets, cover colour:  Anthracite

The artwork "Evening in the Maryna" by the artist Anna Kataian is used in the design of the label of sketchbooks with Indigo colour covers, and Anthracite colour covers are decorated with the artwork "Spring in Venice" by the artist Serhii Lysyi.

Properties of ROSA Gallery spiral sketchbooks:
• Paper weight - 200 gsm and 250 gsm;
• High-quality Italian watercolour double-sided paper;
• Paper grain: fine and medium-size grain
• Paper base: cotton and cellulose

• Size: A5, А4, 20х20
• Sheets: 30, 32 sheets
• Hard cover works as a sketch-board
• Cover colors: turquoise, indigo, violet
• Binding type: spiral
• Fixing elastic prevents the notebook from opening untimely

ROSA Gallery Notebooks for Watercolors for painting with watercolors, water-based markers and liners, also suitable for gouache and acrylic. They are excellent for making sketches on the journey or on the move, as well as for working en plein air. The works are safely kept in the notebook for a long time.

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