ROSA Studio spiral bound sketchbook for watercolour painting

ROSA Studio spiral bound sketchbook for watercolour painting

Meet ROSA Studio spiral-bound sketchbook for watercolour painting - a great choice for quick sketching and learning, for artists and art school students.

ROSA Studio spiral sketchbook made from quality paper with 100% cellulose and has an optimal density (200gsm) for watercolour painting. This paper is already familiar to you, which is presented in our assortment in folders and has proven itself excellently among artists.

Wirebound sketchbooks are convenient in the artist's work, because it's easy to turn the pages, and thanks to micro-perforated pages it's easy to tear out paper from the general block. They are compact and durable, which is ideal for working while standing when you need to hold a sketchbook in your arms. The wirebound binding allows you to quickly and easily open and close the sketchbook. The hardcover keeps the sheets securely inside, keeping them even and neat, and can be used as a board. Vertical fixing elastic prevents the notebook from opening untimely and holds the sheets together.

The new notebooks are presented in three sizes and two colours of covers and allow you to choose the right one according to your tasks and colour preferences.

The works by teachers of Ukrainian art institutions are used as notebook cover labels: "Autumn Bouquet" by Halyna Otchych and "Vittoriano" by Vasyl Kohutych, they will inspire their owners to develop skills and search for new creative ideas and solutions.

• Square 20x20, 30 sheets, cover colour: burgundy;
• A5, 32 sheets, cover colours: burgundy, blue.

Properties of ROSA Gallery spiral sketchbooks:
• Paper weight - 200 gsm;
• High-quality acid-free paper made of cellulose;
• Slightly noticeable non-smooth texture;
• Retains the saturation and brightness of the paint colour.

• Size: A5 and 20х20;
• Sheets: 30, 32 sheets;
• Hard cover works as a sketch-board;
• Cover colors: blue and burgundy;
• Binding type: spiral;
• Fixing elastic prevents the notebook from opening untimely.

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