ROSA Gallery Hand Primed Cotton Fine Grain Stretched Canvases

ROSA Gallery Hand Primed Cotton Fine Grain Stretched Canvases

We are happy to announce that the medium-grain cotton canvas ROSA Gallery is again in the range!
Medium-grain canvas is available to order on a stretcher and in rolls.

Hand-primed cotton canvas on a stretcher ROSA Gallery is the basis for painting are made of pure cotton, stretched in a gallery way on a finger-joint pine stretchers. We use traditional white primer as well as priming in other colours for those who admire tinted surface. Acrylic primed canvases are a suitable surface for both acrylic and oil paints. Cotton canvases are softer, more elastic and uniform compared to linen ones. This makes them a perfect ground for classical painting.

We apply three-layers of durable sizing to the cotton canvases to prevent paint from penetrating to the back side, and prime them with up-to-date acrylic primer which forms a strong flexible film once dry.

Handmade medium grain canvas ROSA Gallery is:
• canvas: pure cotton
• sizing: one-layered
• primer: acrylic three-layered

ROSA Hand Primed Cotton Stretched canvases sizes range from 15x15 cm to 200x300 cm, with the interval of 5 cm.
Canvas rolls will be available in sizes: 2m x 3m and 2m x 10m.

ROSA Gallery cotton canvases are available in two kinds of grain texture with the finished weight from 320 to 400 g /m2 and allow the artists to choose the best canvas for the genre of a painting they have in mind. The weight of a handmade primed canvas can vary by ±20%.

ROSA Gallery stretched cotton canvases are a perfect surface for painting, a good alternative to traditional linen.

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