Tour to the production of ROSA art materials

Tour to the production of ROSA art materials

On its seventh birthday, May 17, 2024, the Association of Ukrainian Botanical Artists SUBA visited the production of Ukrainian art paints ROSA. 

12 artists from Ivano-Frankivsk, Rivne, Kyiv, Dnipro, along with the president of the association, Liudmyla Komandyr, learned about the entire cycle of creating professional watercolours that they use in their work every day.

Among the participants were also artists whose works appear on ROSA products: “Hydrangea” by Natalia Kupchyk is used on the cover of the ROSA Studio watercolour notebook, “Fading Rose” by Olga Kornienko is depicted on ROSA Gallery watercolour paint sets.

Exploring department after department, the artists got introduced to the full range of production processes:
- research and selection of raw materials;
- the process of developing recipes;
- development of test samples in the laboratory;
- actual production;
- quality control of manufactured products;
- labeling and packaging of paints in the production departments.


The participants of excursion even had an opportunity to take part in the grinding of pigment, which was later used in the production of watercolour Azo yellow. The masters of botanical illustration were truly fascinated and inspired by the process of making paints.

They also learned some secrets and important details of the technologists' work, requirements and standards for products that the ROSA brand follows in production. They were introduced to the traditional production of painting bases and saw the importance of handwork in the manufacture of canvases. 

The participants of the excursion tested new ROSA watercolour brushes of the Deep and Flow series and watercolours that they use for their botanical works. At the end of the tour, all artists received watercolour gifts from the ROSA brand. 

We thank to all participants of the tour for choosing ROSA materials for their works, for useful feedback, reviews of ROSA materials, requests and expectations about future watercolour products!

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